Your Workout Routine Reveals A Lot About Your Personality!

This seems about right!

A survey of 2,000 adults who exercise regularly looked into the time of day they prefer working out — 1,000 in the morning and 1,000 in the evening — and compared their personality traits and exercise habits.


The data revealed that early exercisers were more likely to identify as introverts (31% vs. 24%) — but even then, they were more likely to take selfies while working out (46% vs. 40%).


The survey found that men were more likely to take selfies than women (48% vs. 38%).


And during their photo session, morning exercisers said their platform of choice to post them on was Instagram, while evening exercisers lean toward Facebook.


Those who work out in the morning are more likely to hit the gym or a fitness studio. Meanwhile, those who exercise later in the day prefer to do so in the comfort of their own home.


Regardless of their location of choice, both groups prefer using headphones and listening to a good playlist while getting their workout in.



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When working out, people prefer to listen to Rock music. Morning exercisers also like podcasts, while those who work out later in the day are more likely to watch TV.


The study also found that Millennials are more likely to work out in the AM while Gen Xers prefer the nighttime workout.


Women are more likely to work out later in the day (I wonder why?) and men prefer to break a sweat in the morning.