New Study Says Running To Drake Makes You Slower!

Blame it on Drake!

Drake might make our heart race, but he apparently makes your run times slow!



If you’re into science or whatever, emphasis on the whatever — here’s some interesting info. According to a recent study by Pour Moi, apparently listening to Drake‘s music while jogging will actually make you run slower than normal.


That’s right, while Drake has some of the most listened to music in the world, his expansive catalog might not be the best for running, or so says Pour Moi. 



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The study was run (pun intended) by analyzing “the running data of 60 runs, where the runners were listening to a different artist for each run,” in order to “reveal the artists improving our speed the most.” 



Of the data, Pour Moi found they concluded that those who listened to Beyoncé were able to increase their speeds and cut their running times by an average of two minutes and 45 seconds, which is reportedly “enough to shave 33 seconds per kilometre off your personal best.”



However, those who listened to Drizzy while running, experienced significant lag times. Increasing their running time by 6%, adding almost 15 minutes to their run time. Wait really!? We’re no scientists, but that’s like a lot.



Anyway, other artists that caused runners to slow things down included BTS, Doja Cat, Nicki Minaj, and Katy Perry. And joining Bey, in inspiring runners to run faster was Kanye West, Travis Scott, Cardi B, Rihanna, Harry Styles and Britney Spears.