You’re Probably Eating Chocolate Eggs Wrong

Doesn't seem to matter if there's chocolate in front of your face!

A professional chocolate taster says we’ve been eating Easter eggs wrong.

If you love nothing more than crunching down on chocolate Easter egg shells, you may want to reconsider your technique.

The expert explains that it’s all about sucking on the chocolate, rather than chewing it, as this helps us taste it better.

The expert, from Toronto, says it’s best to melt, don’t munch. ‘Or, as we say in Canada “suck, don’t chew”. Chomping on a bar of chocolate for that quick fix will never satisfy you as much as savouring it.’

The expert, Mary Luz Mejia has been a chocolate taster for four years, after pursuing it as a side hustle alongside journalism.

In 2019, she began the three-year course in chocolate tasting, learning to analyze the taste, as well as chocolate history and the differences between commercial and cacao bars.

Mary says that how it’s made makes all the difference in the world.  Bad chocolate will be crammed with sugar and tons of other flavourings and preservatives.

It’s better to pay a little more for a well-made chocolate bar.