You’re Washing Your Armpits Wrong, According to a Hygiene Expert!

Wait, what?

Just because you wear deodorant doesn’t mean your pits are clean…

There’s a lady on TikToker who goes by the name Madame Sweat and she educates followers about hygiene.  In a short video, she explains why the products people are using aren’t enough…

@madamesweat Most people are not washing their underarms properly – this is the right way #greenscreenvideo #Underarmcare #antibacterialsoap #charcoal #seasalt #applecidervinegar #madamesweat #madamesweatisconcerned #madamesweatkaianaturals #kaianaturals #theunderarmbar ♬ original sound – Madame Sweat | kaia naturals

Mary claims that washing your armpits with a “Tutti Fruity Soap” won’t wash the day’s deodorant off you.

Mary says in order to get those pits clean we all need to lather and scrub for 30 seconds with an antibacterial soap.

Further recommends using an antibacterial soap with apple cider vinegar, salt and charcoal.

And for those who have underarm hair, “You really gotta get in there to get rid of yesterday’s deodorant,” the hygiene expert adds.

You should also avoid using washcloths because they harbour many bacteria…