$1000 Minute Monday, December 17th

1)    What does the letter `C` stand for in `UNICEF`? (Children’s)         […]

1)    What does the letter `C` stand for in `UNICEF`?






2)    TRUE OR FALSE: A hummingbird is the only bird that is able to fly backwards.






3)    Which US singer sang “All I Want For Christmas Is You” in 1994?
(Mariah Carey)








4)    What is the capital city of Cuba?







5)    SPELL: Havana.







6)    Which TV Character’s classic songs include `The Rainbow Connection` and `Being Green`?
(Kermit The Frog) 








7)    How many legs does a lobster have? Four, Eight or Ten?







8)    What country is the world’s largest producer of wine?







9)    In Monday Night Football, the Saints are in Carolina taking on the Panthers. Where are the Saints from?
(New Orleans)







10)   Which board game are you playing if you “pass GO and collect two hundred dollars”?