3 In 10 People Have “Menu Anxiety”

It's too hard to decide!

According to new research, 41% of Gen Z and millennials (aged 18-43) are often overwhelmed with a menu at a restaurant, compared with only 15% of Gen X and baby boomers (aged 44-77)

Younger generations were also more likely to let others order first so they could see what they were getting.

The younger generation is also more likely to check out the menu online before going out.

The survey looked beyond “menu anxiety,” and it also asked respondents which factors were most important to them when ordering food. Taste and cost were the most important factors.

The survey also asked respondents how seeing words like “vegan” and “vegetarian” on a restaurant’s menu affected what they might order — and results found that younger generations would be more likely to order those options.

For example, if “vegan” is used as a label on the menu, 39% of younger generations would be more likely to order the food, compared with 15% of older generations.

The survey also revealed that, overall, 77% of younger generations would like restaurants to be clearer about the environmental impact of different foods — versus 58% of older respondents.