500 Pounds of Pasta Mysteriously Dumped In New Jersey Woods

But, where's the sauce?

And it was cooked! Imagine going for a leisurely hike and stumbling upon mounds of pasta in the woods.

It seems highly unlikely unless you were recently walking near the river basin in Old Bridge, New Jersey, where hundreds of pounds of cooked pasta were dumped in the area last month. Their origins remain a mystery.

Nina Jochnowitz, who is running for city council in the town of about 66,000 posted images of the piles of pasta in a Facebook group, thanking the public works department for cleaning up the estimated 500-pound mess. 


It was almost “Mission Impastable” to clean up the mess!

The perpetrators are still out there, but when they are caught, they will be sent to the penne tertiary! 

They are looking for a guy named Al Dente!