6 Different Wedding Trends for 2018

Drone Cameras to Striped Wedding Dresses

It’s that time of year again! Wedding season has started, and we’re already seeing some interesting new trends…

Like using Drone Cameras. Forget hiding a GoPro in your bouquet, that’s old news! Now you can have drones fly down the aisle behind you and capture every moment from the sky.

Or how about Not wearing a Wedding Dress!? Instead of the typical ball gown, or mermaid dress, some brides have opted to wear crops, skirts, culottes, and jumpsuits!

Bold Colour and Patterns. Why not go loud?! And it’s  not just the lime greens, and bright yellows, it’s bold patterns too.

Having Pet Participation is becoming more and more common. How cute would it be if man’s best friend walks down the aisle with the rings.

Pre-Ceremony Cocktails. Enough said. A little champagne when you first arrive to kick off the celebration? YES PLEASE!

And lastly, in a world where people constantly have a cellphone glued to their hand, a lot of couples are asking that you Unplug. Put the phones away or even leave them at home. (That’s what you spent all that money on a photographer for anyway. Let him do his job!)


(Image Source: Pinterest)