7 Tips To Skip The Cold

Cold & Flu Season Is Here, Know How To Steer Clear

It’s that time of year when you are going from blistering cold winds to that sudden burst of heat coming inside. Kids are getting colds at school and passing those germs on to you at home. Co-workers are bringing their germs with them and leaving them on the door handles.

You can’t escape the risk of getting sick, but you can try and be pro-active about it.


Eating/Drinking Well- And I don’t mean stuffing yourself with turkey dinners and wine. A healthy balanced diet is always a good idea, but especially if you want to stay well during a germy season! Keep your immune system up by eating well, lots of fruits and veggies, and drinking lots of water.

Get Sleep- And with it becoming dark so quickly now, this shouldn’t be an issue! A good night’s sleep will not only keep you feeling refreshed and up for anything during the holidays, it also rejuvenate your immune system, keeping it up and able to fight off germs.

Fist Bumps- Not because the rockin’ Christmas music moves to you, more so because we touch EVERYTHING with our hands. All germy door handles, keyboards, bathroom taps, so stick to a cool fist bump in the hallways at the office and stop spreading the grossness.

Wash Your Hands- You should be doing this already… but pay even more attention now that cold and flu season is here. Wash for longer and more often so you don’t pick up something.

Multi-vitamins/Vitamin C- Speak to your doctor to help you find the perfect one that will boost your immune system and keep it active, keeping you healthy!

Disinfect- Keeping anit-bacterial wipes at your desk at work, and wiping down commonly used surfaces are a great way to kill germs before they spread.

Flu Shot- Some people swear by it! And I’m willing to try anything to make sure I don’t get sick this Winter.

Stay Healthy!