A Lot Of Us Have Already Bought Halloween Candy!

True story!

If you’re already stocked up on Halloween candy, you’re playing a dangerous game, my friend.  

According to the National Confectioners Association, close to one in five people who plan to buy candy already have, or will by the end of this week.

18% said they usually buy it in September, or earlier, 65% will buy it in the first few weeks of October, and 12% will wait until the very last minute.  The remaining 5% said it varies, or they’ll have to stock up again after they eat it all.

Here are a few more quick stats on what to expect for Halloween this year.

1.  Three in four people plan to celebrate.  93% of those people will celebrate with candy, by eating it or handing it out.

2.  97% of people who welcome trick-or-treaters will hand out candy this year.  The other 3% are the ones who hand out things like raisins and toothbrushes.

3.  The top types of candy we’re looking forward to are chocolate, gummy candy, and candy corn. 

The most popular way to eat candy corn is the whole piece all at once.  But 33% start with the tip, and 16% start with the fatter end.  (Speaking of fatter ends, I’m gonna have one by the end of next month.)