A New Zealand Pizzeria Has a New Payment Option: “Buy Now, Pay . . . When You Die”

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A pizza chain in New Zealand is offering a new payment option:  “Buy now, pay . . . WHEN YOU DIE.”  It’s a stunt, but they actually ARE letting a select number of people take a pizza now if they promise to add it to their will.

Hell Pizza- is a well-known chain based in New Zealand, so the name and concept go hand in hand!

Under the AfterLife Pay program, Hell Pizza plans to select 666 customers in New Zealand and 666 customers in Australia. And if you do it, you’re promising that you will write what you owe into your will.

It isn’t 100% serious.  Hell Pizza admits it’s a “light-hearted” stunt . . . but they ARE accepting applications, and they ARE giving out delayed-payment pizzas to hundreds of “winners” in both countries.

Each person will get ONE pizza through “AfterLife Pay,” which is valued at $25.

Hell Pizza claims the agreement you sign to pay after death is “legally binding.”  No interest or fees will apply . . . and in the terms and conditions, it says they reserve the right to “enforce the debt owed by the Applicant against their estate upon death… or forgive any debt owed to it by the Applicant.”