A Study Asked 2000 People What They Do After They Canoodle…

What do people do after?

Couples have routines, even when the mode strikes!   Researched wanted to find out what people do after!


Here’s what they came up with…

Many hit social media, in case them missed something in the last 10 minutes…

Ordering food.  Researchers say that if your partner orders you food- they weren’t the only person who delivered!  You should put a ring on it.

Cooking Food  All that exercise- you’re hungry. If you’re partner offers to cook for you!  It’s worth going back for seconds

A Long, Meaningful conversation  Yah- this usually happens in the first couple of years. Than you get over it- and fast

Doing nothing.. Just lying there, soaking it all in.

Spooning– its a good cuddle position- 74% say they do this…

Getting dressed– experts say you should wait about 5 minutes before you do- not to be rude

Drinking water– you don’t want to get dehydrated!

Watching TV

Here are the after sex stats


65% of couples go to sleep 

44% of couples cuddle 

32% of couples talk 

4% of couples pray 

13% of couples take a shower 

10% of couples start their day 

10% of couples get some food