Awesome! (Sarcasm)

This is rough news if you’ve been choking down KALE for years:  A new study found most kale is covered in forever chemicals.

They’re compounds that don’t break down quickly, sometimes taking over 1,000 years.  

And they’re tiny, so they can get into the air, our drinking water, and eventually our bodies.  More and more studies are linking them to cancer.

Researchers looked at eight kale samples from grocery stores in the U.S.  And seven of them had, “disturbing” amounts of forever chemicals on them.

Ironically, they chose kale because they wanted a vegetable with a strong reputation for being healthy.

So just buy organic and you’re fine, right?  It turns out no, maybe not.  Somehow, samples of kale labelled “USDA Organic” had the MOST forever chemicals.

Kale is now being grown in Canada more than in past years due to popular demand for healthy superfoods. Almost 75 percent of Canada’s kale cultivation operated in Ontario, which reported 328 acres in 2016. The province in second place for kale cultivation was Nova Scotia, which grew 20 acres in 2016.