A Warrant Has Been Issued For Alec Baldwin’s Cellphone

Someone is responsible!

Authorities have obtained a search warrant for the actor’s smartphone in the investigation of the fatal shooting of a cinematographer on his Movie set “Rust.”



The prosecutor on the case said that some people may end up facing criminal charges over the shooting.



The warrant authorized investigators to seize Baldwin’s Apple iPhone in order to examine text messages, email correspondence, social network communications, browser activity and other information stored on the device, according to the documents.



Victims and witnesses “often make and/or receive telephone calls and/or messages before, during and/or after the commission of a crime(s). Such information, if it exists, maybe material and relevant to this investigation,” says the prosecutor. 



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Baldwin has acknowledged he was holding a Colt .45 revolver pistol on the film set when it went off during rehearsal, discharging a live round that struck Hutchins in the chest and killed her. Director Joel Souza was wounded.



Since the deadly day, Alec has always maintained that he has no idea how the real bullets got in the gun and in a recent interview, Alec said that he didn’t pull the trigger and is denying responsibility for the shooting.