A ‘Who’s The Boss’ Sequel Is In The Works!

Tony Micelli

Amazon is developing a “Who’s the Boss” sequel series with TONY DANZA and ALYSSA MILANO. There’s no word if anyone else is coming back.

Danza and Milano are set to reprise their roles as Tony and Samantha Micelli. Set 30 years after the events of the original series, the sequel will focus on former Major League Baseball player/retired housekeeper Tony Micelli (Danza) and his relationship with his daughter Samantha (Milano). She is now a single mother, living in the family house. In line with Lear’s classic shows, the new comedy will explore generational differences, as well as opposing worldviews and parenting styles within the dynamic of a modern family in 2022, according to Dateline.

The original Who’s the Boss? ran for eight seasons and 196 episodes on ABC from 1984-92 and drew more than 30 million viewers in its heyday. It was nominated for 10 Emmy Awards and became a syndication staple.