Advertisers Are Spying On You Based On The Emojis You Use Online

Thankfully a food ad popped up when I used an eggplant emoji!

Be careful which emojis you use- advertisers are watching, learning and than targeting you in hopes that you will buy more stuff…

For example, if you post a food emoji, you might than notice that suddenly on your phone is a pop up for a food- delivery.

If you post a sports emoji- perhaps you’ll notice more sports-related adds on your phone…

Twitter has offered advertisers the ability to target via emoji since 2016, touting it as a way to ‘reach people on their passions.’

The last couple emoji’s a posted were “Thumbs up” and “eggplant”- (eggplant parm is the best)  After I posted the eggplant an add popped up for Shrimp..

Adds on my phone are Tiffany’s!