Always Flush The Toilet In A Hotel Room When You First Walk In – Here’s Why

Now I'm officially freaked out!

When you first walk into a hotel room, you might go to the window to see the view or sit on the bed to feel how comfortable it is, but what you should be doing before any of that is going in the bathroom and flushing the toilet.

Housekeeping likely has been in there, so the worry isn’t that the previous guests left something in the toilet, instead it is about another unpleasant surprise. According to Metro, the British travel agency eShores collected tips from hotel staff members and quite a few recommended flushing, explaining how the bowls, especially in warmer locations, make for the perfect hiding spots for spiders and insects. An early flush could prevent you from having something crawl on you as you use the toilet.

Among the other helpful tips – making sure you check and clean anything in the room that isn’t sealed, especially the coffee pot. 

It isn’t often given a deep cleaning by housekeeping and there have been instances of people putting unsanitary items, and body fluids, in it. 

The same can be true of minibars, where one hotel worker explained a guest once urinated into a bottle from the mini bar, put the cap back on and returned it to the bar, only to have the next guest discover it as they went for a drink.

So next time you check into a hotel, scan the room- check it twice!