Are You A Morning Person, Night Owl, Or A Napper?

A new study out of Belgium actually identifies four types of people.

Most people identify themselves, when it comes to sleep habits -as a morning person or a night owl.  Now, researchers propose two more so-called chronotypes: the “afternoon” person and the “napper.” A chronotype is defined by the time of day a person is most alert and sleepiest. 

  • The Morning person, people who are most alert in the morning.
  • The Night Owls, people who are most alert at night.
  • Afternoon people, who are most alert from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • The Napper, people who are alert in the morning, then crash but get a second burst of energy thanks to an afternoon nap.

The researchers said that it could actually improve productivity if companies embraced sleep types. Early starts for morning people. Late starts for night owls. You get the idea. I’m just waiting for my company allowed nap!