Ariana Grande’s Nonna just made history at 98 years old

A major milestone for Marjorie Grande

While it’s not the first time Ariana Grande’s Nonna has been featured on one of her granddaughter’s songs, it is the first time she’s made history for it.

As several of Ariana’s songs from Eternal Sunshine have made their way to Billboard’s Hot 100 list, Nonna’s words of wisdom on “Ordinary Things,” which debuted at No. 55, has made her the senior-most artist ever to have appeared on the chart.

On the track, Nonna, formally Marjorie Grande, is billed as a featured artist and co-writer. Reflecting on her late husband, Frank, and sharing some sage advice as the song closes out, Nonna says “And when he’d come home and I’d see him, when he first gets off that train / It was like God almighty arrived, It was like seein’ daylight / I mean, I could’ve packed up and left a million times / You know? It’s not that we never fought / You can overcome that, You know? It’s very easy / And as I told her, never go to bed without kissin’ goodnight / That’s the worst thing to do, don’t ever, ever do that/ And if you can’t, and if you don’t feel comfortable doing it / You’re in the wrong place, get out.”

“I always record my Nonna, because you never know what she’s going to say.” 

As we mentioned at the start, Grandma Grande has also been heard, however not credited on “Daydreamin’,” from Grande’s 2013 debut album Yours Truly, as well as “Bloodline,” from 2019’s Thank U, next.