Arnold Schwarzenegger says his ‘I’ll be back’ tagline was an ‘accident’…

thanks partially to James Cameron

The sunglasses. The leather jacket. The stone-cold demeanour. Arnold Schwarzenegger in “The Terminator” – the 1984 science fiction movie – is about as iconic as it gets, but it turns out one of the most memorable moments in the film came about by sheer chance.

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter published on Tuesday, Schwarzenegger recalled how his line of dialogue in the film in which he utters “I’ll be back” was an “accident,” stemming from a disagreement he had with his director James Cameron.

“Jim Cameron and I were debating how to say the line because I was not comfortable with saying ‘I’ll,’” the former California governor reminisced. “I said, ‘I think it’s stronger to say, “I will be back.”’ Cameron said, ‘Are you the scriptwriter now? It’s just one word. Don’t tell me how to write. I don’t tell you how to act.’”

Cameron then instructed his star to “just say it 10 times. Say it in different ways. I’ll keep rolling the camera. Then we’ll choose one.”

After a few tries, of course, they ended up with one that worked.