Arnold Schwarzenegger Sued By Cyclist

The Terminator is being sued by a cyclist he allegedly hit with his car.

The innocent happened in February when Schwarzenegger was involved in an accident with cyclist Joanne Flickinger.

Flickinger is now suing Arnold for “negligent” driving…According to her lawsuit, which was viewed by the Los Angeles Times, Flickinger accuses Schwarzenegger of driving “with excessive speed and (failing) to keep a proper lookout” on San Vicente Boulevard in Los Angeles.

She alleges the collision caused her “severe injuries” which are “permanent.”

She is suing for $25,000 for past and future pain…At the time of the accident, law enforcement sources told TMZ: “The woman made a left turn in front of Arnold before he had a chance to hit his brakes and he was not going very fast at all.”

While Flickinger was transported to the hospital, Schwarzenegger took her bicycle for repairs at a local bike shop.

LAPD Officer Mike Lopez told The L.A. Times in February: “No crime was committed.” He added that the cyclist didn’t have life-threatening injuries.