Barrie Public Library Staff Helps Mama Duck And Her Chicks To Safety

Lucky Ducks!

Every year, ‘Daisy Duck’ builds her nest in the rooftop garden at the Barrie Public Library. The staff have come to know and love her. Every year, when her eggs hatch the staff help Daisy and her little ducklings make their way down to Heritage Park to settle in for the summer.

This year was no different. 12 chicks hatched on Monday, and the staff helped Daisy get them safely across Dunlop street and down to the waterfront safely.

According to a Facebook post by library staff, they get Daisy down to Heritage Park with “A bit of patience! We let her see them and hear their chirping, and eventually it clicks that she should follow”

Daisy and her chicks are now safe and soudn at Heritage Park. Round of applause for the library staff, always going above and beyond to help their community!

Photos and video courtesy of Barrie Public Library