Change is good?

We’ve lost a lot of our favourite retailers throughout the years like Zeller’s and BiWay- but B&R has always been there for us.


Let’s face it, ice cream makes everything better. And I think we’ve all found comfort in the fact that with so many changes to the retail landscape, Baskin Robbins has never changed, until now!


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The 77-year-old ice cream company is getting a makeover! It’s famous for its 31 flavours and the fact that they let you try them before you buy! The makeover includes a new logo and even some new flavours. The chain will also start selling ‘swag’ like hats and even bicycles

They’re doing away with the pink and blue logo they’ve had since 2006 and replacing it with weird-looking block letters in pink and brown.

Baskin and Robbins have over 7,700 stores globally!


Part of the refresh includes three new limited-time flavours: One is Non-Dairy Mint Chocochunk, another is Totally Unwrapped, made with peanut butter and chocolate ice creams, caramel swirls, fudge-covered pretzels, and fudge and caramel covered peanuts.


The third flavour, Coconut Swirl, is made with coconut and (a purple yam commonly used in Filipino desserts) ice creams with flavoured swirls.

Totally Unwrapped is the April flavour of the month, while the other two will be available through the spring, and could stick around for longer depending on how customers react.