People Want To Stop Being So Vanilla And Plan To Try New Flavours of Ice cream in 2022!

I'm happy with my Mint Chocolate Chip!

According to new research, chocolate and vanilla are people’s go-to flavours, but many are planning to experiment with new flavours in the new year!



A survey of 2,000 people looked at people’s flavour preferences and found that new trends are on the horizon, with 46% saying they’re interested in trying mint-chocolate flavoured items, 36% being open to lemongrass-flavoured foods, or hot honey (34%) in 2022.



The poll was conducted by Premier Protein and revealed that flavours matter to those who want to maintain a healthy diet (82%).



More than half of respondents (58%) don’t think healthy foods taste good in the first place, and nearly three-quarters (72%) said they’d eat healthier if their food tasted better. Most (76%) said they’d eat healthier if their food tasted like chocolate, their favourite ice cream (73%) or peanut butter (67%).



Three in five said that leading a healthy lifestyle has been challenging because they’re always tempted to eat sweet (54%) and salty (49%) foods.



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More than half of people have a sweet tooth when cravings hit, for treats like ice cream and cookies and others have trouble resisting their favourite savoury foods like pizza, pasta or french fries (39%).



People are willing to try new flavours in 2022! 



  1. Chocolate mint – 46%
  2. Lemongrass – 36%
  3. Plant milk (oat, pistachio, buckwheat, etc.) – 34%
  4. Hot honey – 34%
  5. Mushroom – 33%



  1. Mango – 36%
  2. Red bean – 31%
  3. Teaberry – 30%
  4. Black sugar – 26%
  5. Matcha – 24%