Best Online Shops to get Cute Summer Dresses

The best part about summer is buying new summer clothes... Everyone knows that.

As the weather gets warmer, theres always one outfit choice that is the easiest, lightest and cutest way to go… Summer dresses are back!

Now you need to find some new dresses to add to your collection! Online shopping is a glorious invention, and if you’ve never online shopped before, now is the perfect chance to give it a go!

Here are 5 great websites to find all of your cute summer dresses this season


This site has a HUGE variety of different clothes for men, women and kids! Their dress section especially is enormous and you can set your price range anywhere from $15 to $900. Definitely something for everyone!

2. Poppy & Dot

Whats super cool about Poppy & Dot is that as well as an online store where you can make purchases as you would with any other online shopping experience…. They also have a shop-style Instagram account!

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3. BooHoo

So many cute styles, easy to maneuver around their site and everything is reasonably priced! You definitely wont be getting a dress you paid $3 for that took 8 weeks to get here and would fit a doll…

4. Hope’s 

Hope’s is a great place to load up on breezy summer fashion for a great price. They carry dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories. They also have free shipping to Canada! (wooooo!)


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5. ShoeMe

Although this one isn’t all about dresses per-say…. Everyone needs cute shoes to go with their adorable new dresses too! SO. MANY. DEALS.