Quick & Easy Summer Salads and Meals

Will you be trying a watermelon pizza this summer?

No one likes to be stuck in the kitchen on a hot day making hot meals… You need light and easy to prepare dishes that will impress!

Try an easy greek salad! The ingredients are simple, it doesn’t take long at all to prepare and it’s always a huge hit!

Make a bunch of slow-cooker chicken ahead of time, and shred it up for whenever you’re needing to add some protein! Shredded chicken goes great on salads, in sandwiches or whenever you need a little snack.

Pineapple is something you would never think to put on a barbecue… Until you’ve had it once and now its all you can think about! Seriously, it gets way more sweet and juicy, it goes great with pork OR as a desert!

Lettuce wraps are also a great alternative if you’re trying to keep it lean this summer- you can also put your pre-cooked shredded chicken in these and you’ve got yourself a wicked lunch!

Or one of the coolest food trends that is blowing up right now is watermelon pizza…. So fresh and delicious and totally healthy, yet you get trick your kids into thinking they’re eating some sort of desert pizza! Amazing!

Also, totally Instagram worthy!