Beyonce Is Being Blamed For Inflation in Sweden!

Economists are calling it the "Beyonce Effect"

The start of the singer’s world tour in Sweden last month sparked such a frenzy of demand for hotel and restaurant meals that it has shown up in the country’s economic statistics. 

Sweden reported higher-than-expected inflation of 9.7% in May. Rising prices for hotels and restaurants were behind the surprise. 

She may also have been the force behind the unexpectedly strong uptick in recreation and culture prices, reports an economist! 

Searches for accommodations in cities on the tour shot up after it was announced, Airbnb reported. Tickets for many concerts sold out within days and prices soared on the resale market.

People are coming from all over the world to visit cities where Beyonce is performing… Economists add that this expected trend is similar to the effects that world cup soccer has.