Blu Ivy’s Dress was how Much?

When Beyonce took Blue Ivy to the premier of “Beauty and the Beast” last week, […]

When Beyonce took Blue Ivy to the premier of “Beauty and the Beast” last week, little Blue Ivy had on a $26,000 dress.  Blue Ivy wore a frilly green-and-pink dress that matched Beyoncé’s emerald maternity wear. The movie is out in wide release March 17th!


Scarlett Johansson files for divorce…

Johansson and Dauriac started dating in late 2012 and wed on October 1, 2014, in Montana, following the birth of their daughter.  The Avengers star was consistently pictured without her wedding ring for the past several months and in January, UsWeekly confirmed that the couple had in fact separated in the summer of 2016.


Former Disney Boss Reveals That Julia Roberts’ Character Died From Drug Overdose In Original ‘Pretty Woman’ Script

When it was originally released in 1990, “Pretty Woman” was criticized for its sunny, romantic depiction of prostitution — which wouldn’t have been an issue had the filmmakers stuck to the original script.  “As a script, ‘Pretty Woman’ was an R-rated movie about a hooker on Hollywood Boulevard,” said Katzenberg. “By the way, in the original version — it’s pretty dark — I think she died of an overdose. So convincing [people] that we should make that at the Walt Disney Co., and that it’s a fairy tale and a princess movie, a lot of people had a hard time seeing it. But, as they say, the rest is history.”


Ed Sheehan auditioning members for a new boy band….

Ed, who has written songs for a number of popular artists including One Direction and Justin Bieber, says he plans to put together his very own boy band with the intentions of taking them on tour with him. He’s looking for 3 or 4 good men…