Boxed Water Joins Boxed Wine!

Wine and Water Now Come in One Single Box

The all-in-one package contains both red and white wine, plus 32 servings of water. It’s no secret that staying hydrated can help stave off a hangover.

But when you’re having too much fun while drinking some wine, it can be hard to remember to keep up with the water — which is why this simple new collaborative product is such a revelation: a combined water and wine box.

So Essentia Water has teamed up with a boxed wine brand to sell both wine and water in the same box!

Arguably the two essentials in life now come together!  Essentia Water & Wine box manages to stash both red and white wine (yes, both) along with 32 glasses of water in a single box.

The front of the box has two spouts. The left one provides access to two gallons of Essentia’s Overachieving H20 water. The right one offers the equivalent of four bottles of House Wine’s Sauvignon Blanc. Prefer red? A third spout can be popped out the side providing access to another equal amount of House Wine’s Original Red Blend. (Yes, in total, the box has the equivalent of eight bottles of wine.)