Boy Pees On Elevator Buttons, Instant Karma!

When you got to go, you got to go!

So the pictures and video pretty much speak for themselves, but here’s a little poem from Charlie explaining the situation.

Boy pees on elevator buttons 

There once was a boy, full of liquid and glee
and rode in an elevator when he had to pee

He felt the urge, the squeezing began
Apparently toilets, he wasn’t a fan
Alone in the elevator, he let his stream go
sprinkling the buttons, the circuits did blow

Yes, he pees on the buttons, he thought a funny jock
But spraying the buttons with urine, they began to smoke

The boy panics, the lift lights flicker, leaving him in the dark
The kid was rescued by emergency officials, but not before leaving a mark

The boy denied that he peed on the buttons. Even the boy’s parents didn’t believe the buildings management office saying “He can’t pee that high”- that is until they saw the video!