British Tabloids Are Calling Prince Harry A Trader After The Final Episodes of the Netflix Doc were Released

There are two sides to every story! We may never know the entire story!

The full Docuseries is out on Netflix and people have a lot to say from both sides of the pond! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle told their side of the story in this six-part series revealing information that we would have known about if not for this series. The main takeaway is that the couple wanted everyone to know about their love story. In the series, however, we also hear about friends and family that are no longer in the picture due to scandal, jealousy and greed.

Meghan Markle’s former BFF Jessica Mulroney may have dropped a cryptic quote about the former friend on social media.

Jessica Mulroney and Meghan Markle were BFFs so much in fact, that Mulroney’s three children were in Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding.  So what happened? 

After the first three episodes were released, many were left asking- where is Jess in their documentary? 

Back in 2020, Jessica Mulroney got herself in hot water that saw her TV show cancelled and her husband Ben, voluntarily stepping away from his E-Talk Hosting gig!

In June 2020, Toronto social media influencer Sasha Exeter accused Mulroney of using her “white privilege” to threaten her career in private Instagram messages. During this scandal, Jess referenced Meghan in a post that may have caused the ripple between the two.

Perhaps many were unaware that the pair don’t appear to be tight anymore after Jess posted a message on Instagram “The best thing I ever did was learn how to move without the crowd,” read Mulroney’s message that was posted to her Instagram Story, per Page Six.

In the final episodes of “Harry & Meghan”, Meghan Markle got emotional while discussing what the tabloids and social media have done to her. “You are making people want to kill me. It’s not just a tabloid. It’s not just some story. You are making me scared.”

The entire Docu-series is now available on Netflix and it’s worth the watch…

  • Netflix’s series about Prince Harry and Meghan has become the streaming giant’s biggest documentary debut yet.
  • “Harry & Meghan” racked up 81.55 million viewing hours globally in its first week of release, Netflix said Tuesday.
  • The show appeared in the Top 10 TV list in 85 countries, including ranking number one in the U.K.