Britney Spears Auditioned for ‘The Notebook’ And It’s Awesome!

She's so talented!

Britney Spears’ never-before-seen audition for the 2004 film The Notebook was released by the Daily Mail yesterday. 

Casting director Matthew Barry also revealed that Spears impressed him enough that she beat out actresses including Claire Danes, Scarlett Johansson, and Jessica Biel as a frontrunner for the lead role of Allie Hamilton before it ultimately went to Rachel McAdams. 

The nearly-three minute clip, filmed in 2002, shows Spears telling Ryan Gosling, who reads his lines off-camera, that she’s marrying another man. 

Barry said the producers of The Notebook were blown away by Spears’ emotional audition. “It was a tough decision,” he said. “Our jaws were on the floor. I was blown away. Blown away. She brought her A-game that day.”