Britney Spears’ Sons Reportedly Planning To Move To Hawaii With Their Dad

It's what's best for the kids!

Brit’s kids are now 17 and 16 years old and both Sean and Jayden are planning the move with their dad Kevin Federline to Hawaii, which isn’t that far from LA when you have a private jet.

According to reports, Federline’s lawyer sent a letter to Britney asking if she would be open to the move.

If Britney objects the attorney will go to court to ask permission from a judge, who it said would possibly rule in Kevin’s favour as it’s been reported Britney has not seen her sons in more than a year.

TMZ is reporting that the boy’s stepmother has been offered a job at the University of Hawaii and Kevin may also have employment opportunities at the school.

It’s been widely reported that Brit’s kids haven’t seen her since 2022 and are living with their dad full-time largely in part due to the nudes she posts on social media.