Bug Sprays That Won’t Have Your Kids Freaking Out When You Apply It!

Kids usually don't like bug spray, here are some that should be less of a hassle to apply on them

According to Immo Hansen, PhD, the principal researcher of The Hansen Lab at New Mexico State University, there are two ingredients to look for in a good bug repellent. They are DEET and old of lemon eucalyptus BUT only on kids 3 years and up!


“It’s been around since the 50s, and it’s actually pretty safe. Look for insect repellents with DEET concentrations of at least 20 per cent. This provides protection for up to 8 hours — ideal for the backyard. For hiking in a wooded area or camping, you’ll want to go for a higher percentage.

today.com put a list of kid-friendly sprays to get you through what is sure to be a very buggy summer!  All of these products are available on Amazon or in stores!