Burger King Thailand Offers Up A New Cheeseburger!

And It’s literally all cheese!

Burger King fans are divided on this new creation! The question is, how much cheese is too much cheese?

If Burger King in Thailand is to be believed, the limit (allegedly) does not exist.

“The Real Cheeseburger”, a burger with no meat or condiments, and a cardiac arrest-inducing amount of American cheese (20 slices, to be exact) sandwiched inside a sesame seed bun.

It sounds almost too revolting to be real. But Burger King insisted in a social media post on Sunday – when the “burger” landed on menus – that the monstrosity is, indeed, legitimate.

Launching at a reduced price of 109 Thai baht ($4.70), The Real Cheeseburger swiftly went viral, with dozens of people flocking to Burger King for a taste after seeing it on social media.