Caffeinated Ramen Noodles…

The new super food for college kids!

This concoction was created for those late-night gamers who chug red-bull or snack to stay awake…

Noodle maker Nissin says it has the answer: caffeinated Cup Noodles.

The caffeinated noodles will come in two flavours: garlic and black pepper yakisoba — which contains shrimp, pork, egg and cabbage — and curry, which uses a base of pork and vegetables.

Both products are sauce-based and “soup-free, so there is no need to worry about getting your hands or peripherals dirty, making them the perfect meal in between game-playing sessions.

The noodles will be released in Japan starting September 18, with the garlic and black pepper flavour priced at 280 yen (about $1.90) and the curry flavour sold at 298 yen (about $2).