Can The Coronavirus Be Spread Through Farts!

This idea might blow you away!

Can coronavirus be spread through flatulence?  A doctor in Australia has warned, quote, “No bare-bottom farting,” as yes, that could spread the virus.  If you’re wearing pants, that should keep your flatulence from infecting people.


This isn’t one of those conspiracy theories from people online, but rather a debate between two Australian doctors who are weighing in about the spread of the coronavirus ‘down under.”  There is an Australian podcast called “Coronacast,” and during Friday’s episode, Host Dr. Norman Swan made a comment about the possibility of spreading COVID-19 through passing gas…


“No Bare-bottom farting,” he suggested!  As for whatever reason there appears to be a bit of fear regarding a posterior pandemic.  He reassured his listeners that we are for the most part protected from this possibility, adding that we all wear protection in the form of undies, shorts and pants. 


Dr. Swan reminded people about the importance of social distancing and also that it’s good human practise not to fart within 6-feet of another person, adding never do it bare bottomed!

Again- the message here is to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, and continue with social distancing…