Celine Dion No Longer Has Control Over Her Muscles

We're all hope for a miracle!

The legendary singer suffers from a neurological disorder called stiff person syndrome, which causes the body to attack its nerve cells 

A year after Celine was forced to cancel her world tour last December, her sibling suggested that it may be a while before Celine returns to the stage following her battle with a neurological disorder called stiff person syndrome.

Celine’s condition, which is progressive and incurable, causes the body to attack its nerve cells and severely impacts mobility. According to Celine’s sibling, “She’s working hard, but she doesn’t have control over her muscles.”

According to Claudette, Celine’s older sister, her dream is to return to the stage, but they don’t know in what capacity! 

While research is ongoing into the condition, the rarity of it means progress has been slow…

People who suffer from stiff person syndrome (SPS) can turn sufferers into ‘human statues,’ leaving them struggling to walk or talk. 

The condition, which is thought to affect just one in a million people, can also lead to spasms that generate enough force to fracture bone. Usually, patients are diagnosed around ages 30-50, and they are mostly women.