Cheese Is Hurting The Environment

This is really going to cheese-off some people!

A new study has shown that dairy CHEESE is a major cause of carbon emissions.

Switching to plant-based cheese could lower their associated climate impact by at least 50 percent.

Popular dairy cheese varieties such as cheddar, mozzarella, feta and parmesan yield between 6.5 and 12.8 kg carbon dioxide (eq) per kilo over their life cycle according to the study by sustainability consultancy Quantis.

By comparison, the climate impacts of Violife vegan alternatives to dairy cheese are substantially lower and create at least 3.7 kg less carbon dioxide per kilo, the equivalent of driving a car almost seven miles.

One in three adults does not realize that dairy production even produces carbon dioxide, which then goes into the atmosphere.

Research by the World Economic Forum shows dairy cheese is one of the largest greenhouse gas generators behind beef and lamb, placing it ahead of chicken, pork and eggs.

The research shows that if an average US household of four switched from dairy cheese to Violife vegan alternative cheese for a year, they could save the equivalent CO2 emissions as they would travelling 775 miles on an intercontinental flight.

The national poll found that 73 percent of adults eat dairy cheese three or more times a week – but 15 percent say they do not eat dairy cheese at all.