Chris Rock Speaks Out Finally on Will Smith and Wife Jada On During Netflix Special

Chris Rock finally addressed the Oscars slap and made Netflix history on Saturday

As the world waited almost a year for a response from Chris Rock after being slapped on stage by Will Smith, it was well worth the wait.

Friday night, Chris Rock’s Netflix Special “Selective Outrage” aired and now we know why it was called “Selective Outrage.”

“I’m going to try to do a show tonight without offending nobody. I’m going to try my best because you never know who might get triggered,” Rock said as he opened his set from Baltimore. “People always say words hurt … anybody who says words hurt has never been punched in the face.”

It didn’t take long for Rock to start in on Will and Jada while riffing on “wokeness,” hypersensitivity and what he called “selective outrage.”

“You never know who might get triggered,” said Rock. “Anybody who says words hurt hasn’t been punched in the face.”

Chris Rock insists that he is not a victim in the matter!

Rock also touched on other topics including high-priced yoga pants, the Duchess of Sussex, the Kardashians, abortion rights, the Capitol riot and what he called America’s biggest addiction: Attention.

“We used to want love, now we just want likes,” said Rock.