Coffee Is Linked To Improved Gut Health, Says New Study

Turns out that coffee is good for your gut!

Researchers found out that coffee drinkers tend to have higher microbiome diversity (microbes living in the gut) than non-coffee drinkers. This is also dose-dependent – meaning the more coffee your drink, the more diverse your microbiome.



Researchers say that coffee drinkers are likely to have a bacteria named ‘Freddy’ in their gut.



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‘It is one of the key 15 “good” bugs that we’ve linked to healthier blood sugar and fat responses after eating,’ the researcher writes in a post on social media. ‘It’s also linked to improved insulin levels in the body.’



Coffee contains antioxidants, helps those good bacterias flourish and also contains fibre!   Drinking 3.2 cups a day could add up to as much as 5g of daily fibre!