Cold Weather Has Major Impacts On Women’s Confidence and Mood

You always feel better about yourself in the summer!

According to new research, about 52% of women said they can’t make it through two months of wintry weather.

A survey of 2,000 women looked at how the weather impacts their confidence and mood and found that on average, respondents can put up with only seven weeks of cold weather before needing to go somewhere warm.

One in 10 women said they’re completely over the cold by at least January, ready to let the sun in.

Respondents are looking forward to temps at around 17 celsius at the start of spring, but nearly a third said their ideal spring temperature is a bit warmer at 20 celsius or 70 degrees.

The survey found that people are over eager to get back into warm weather clothes, with 23% saying they switch back to t-shirts as early as March.

But coming out of colder months leaves many women feeling unconfident.

Nearly half of women feel the least confident about their skin in the winter (49%), citing issues with dull skin and uneven skin tone during the colder months.

Women also expressed feeling the least radiant in the peak of winter in December and January.

When they aren’t feeling confident, women said their physical appearance is the likeliest to suffer in addition to their sleep and overall happiness.

A third of those surveyed said a lack of confidence makes them care less about the way they look but surprisingly, even more respondents said they care more about their looks when they’re feeling down on themselves.

More than half of women also said they dress differently than the way they actually want to because they’re not confident in the way they look.

Most women agreed that they want to look good on the outside to help them feel good on the inside (81%) and the same percentage want to feel like they’re “glowing” all year round to mimic the radiance they feel in May and June.