Colour Changing Marshmallows Are Now A Thing!

And not just changing to golden-brown when you toast them…

Jet-Puffed Marshmallows brand is selling colour-changing treats to the mix!

Keen to brighten up the bonfire season (last year they released glow-in-the-dark packaging), Jet-Puffed’s new limited-edition marshmallows will change colours when met with direct heat.

While Jet-Puffed is remaining tight-lipped about what the secret ingredient is and how it works, we do know that the marshmallows are now available in two colour-changing varieties: pink marshmallows that will turn orange and blue marshmallows that will turn green. The transformation occurs about 10 seconds after being exposed to a flame.

Colour-changing foods continue to be a major trend from spirits and beer to cereal and even noodles, so these transforming marshmallows are in good company. 

Jet-Puffed Color Changers will retail at $2.99 for 12-ounce bags.