Cooking Is A Turn On, According To A New Study!

If you’re looking for love, or perhaps just a hook up- make sure you can cook!

A new study says that 86 per cent of people find cooking to be a total turn on!  The study, polled 2,000 Americans, and found that 71 percent consider cooking to be their love language.

The survey was done to examine the role cooking plays in a relationship!  80% of people said that if on the first date is was revealed that they liked to cook, a second date was more likely to happen.

To sum this up:   The quickest way to someone’s heart is to cook for them.  It beats out flowers, phone calls or texts and even presents. 

And you can skip the fancy night out at a restaurant — nearly double the number of respondents say they prefer a home-cooked meal for a date.


Here are the top meals you should try to cook according to the survey:

steak and potatoes (40 percent)
pasta and garlic bread (34 percent)
chicken and veggies (28 percent)
Pizza and salad: 24 percent
Burger and fries: 23 percent
Lobster and mac and cheese: 20 percent
Soup: 18 percent
Tacos: 15 percent
Sushi: 12 percent
Risotto: 12 percent


Cooking is so important to people that 43% said that they would give up coffee if it meant somebody cooked dinner every night.