Coronavirus Cocktail Now Available!

If you can’t beat it, drink it!

A Connecticut-based beverage company has created a new flavoured drink called the “Coronavirus Cocktail.”  Classy!

Avery’s Soda company has released a new drink for a limited time described as a “virulent green concoction,” that is a blend of orange and lime flavours.  Basically the company is capitalizing on the COVID-19 Outbreak!

The company has included a recipe for “Pandemic Punch,” which is made by mixing five ounces of the “infectious” Coronavirus Cocktail soda and two ounces of “your favourite alcoholic beverage.”   The label also includes a PSA for customers to “wash your hands.”

The drink is receiving mixed reviews.  Some people think its funny and are in favour of having a sense of humour about the situation, while others feel that it’s in poor taste.

Rob Metz, General Manager of Avery’s Beverages, said in a statement; the brand has “a history of commemorating topical events with a special soda flavour and our customers have come to expect it. We have had doctors and other health care workers coming in to give it to their colleagues.”