‘Day Dumping’ is the latest TikTok trend that helps you enjoy the little things in life

‘day dumping’ is currently all over your social media feeds.

Using either TikTok or Instagram’s carousel features, day dumping is all about uploading a set of lovely, but fairly average, pictures that catalogue the day’s events.

@tmplts_ #CapCut #random #todaysdump #fyp #foryou #template ♬ original sound – tmplts_

It appears that highly-edited content, flashy videos and perfect-looking influencers are on a downtrend and that’s why people are trying this new way to share their day with others.

We’re not talking big days out, with pre-planned outfits in ‘Instagrammable’ locations.

No, classic day dumping fodder includes making the bed, drinking a coffee, browsing a bookshop, watering the plants – you get the idea.

@loumayyy Did I mention…my dad died? Lol #deaddadclub @The Old Vic thank you sm &lt3 #dayinthelife #20something #twentiescrisis #bridgetjonesmoment ♬ Sunday – HNNY

In a world where there’s a constant stream of negativity, the antidote to that is making your world smaller and noticing the positivity.

You’re documenting small things that you can take for granted,’ says Emma. ‘For example, you might be eating a delicious lunch and feel grateful that you get to enjoy it.