Don’t Burp At The Table!

Family dinners aren't what they used to be!

A recent poll done has found that three in five people wish they could have more time with family at dinner time.

About 2,000 adults were surveyed and they noted that they only get to spend three dinners out of the week with their family.

However, the same people said that you better have good table manners when you do get together: No burping, slurping, playing with food, using phones or watching TV.

Almost half of the respondents believe having a family dinner together is an “important way to connect” over a meal, a way to make memories, continue family traditions and learn more about their family.

As for the type of meal, nearly half of people said they prefer ready-to-eat meals from home or home-cooked meals, followed by getting takeout and dining at a restaurant.

Financially, a home-cooked family meal costs about $10.10 per person. For takeout, the price can be hiked up to $12, $11.60 for fast food and $12.40 per individual for a sit-down restaurant meal.


Rules that people still follow as adults today include: wash your hands before you sit at the table, don’t talk with your mouth full, never slurp your food or drink, always chew with your mouth closed and never make noises with utensils. 


  • Wash your hands before you sit at the table: 49%
  • Don’t talk with your mouth full: 46%
  • Don’t slurp your food or drink: 44%
  • Chew with your mouth closed: 44%
  • Don’t make noises with eating utensils: 43%
  • Discuss your day or encourage others to do so: 43%
  • Spread your napkin on your lap: 41%
  • No burping: 41%
  • Don’t play with your food: 41%
  • Don’t eat too fast: 41%
  • No books or newspapers at the table: 41%
  • Keep the TV off in the background: 41%
  • Clean your plate/eat all your food: 40%
  • Avoid reaching: 40%
  • Only one person can talk at a time: 40%
  • No phones at the table: 40%
  • No video games at the table: 40%
  • No tablets at the table: 40%
  • No toys at the table: 40%
  • Coming clean, dressed appropriately for dinner: 39%