Don’t Feel Bad If You Don’t Fit Into Your Suit Anymore, Many Men Don’t

So, you're not alone!

A new poll by Generation Tux found that basically half of the men out there own two or three suits.  About 33% own four or more and according to the poll, men will attend about five suit-worthy events each year.

The average man owns three different tuxedos or suits, with two of them not even fitting anymore. 

Almost 53% of all respondents undergo stress because the outfit they wanted to wear to a party no longer fits them.

The survey also reported that 25% of respondents think that bowties are fancier than regular neckties.

Popular colours for suits include white (64%), black (15%), dark grey (13%) and navy (11%). But men should avoid bright hues like orange (35%) and yellow (34%).

The research also discovered that the average person needed 45 minutes to get ready for an event such as a wedding or charity ball.

What Is The Best Event For A Man To Wear A Suit Or Tux To?

  • Their wedding – 52%
  • A wedding as a guest – 50%
  • Ball or charity event – 46%
  • Graduation – 41%
  • Work – 38%