Doritos Unveils A Real Nacho Cheese-flavoured Liquor

It’s $65 and smells and tastes just like the real thing!

Nacho Cheese Doritos have been a staple of the snack food aisle for nearly half a century. Now, they’re headed to the liquor shelf just in time for the Super Bowl it seems…

The iconic tortilla chip brand has partnered with Empirical Spirits to release an 84-proof clear liquor that smells and tastes like the real thing, minus the signature crunch — thankfully.

According to one sniff of the spirit is enough to reveal its anchor ingredient. The bouquet is brimming with the unmistakable tang of cheese dust. But in the sip, it’s all about cornier elements. It leaves your palate with a drying note, akin to what accumulates on your tongue after you crush a sizable bag of corn chips. In other words, it’s maybe more Fritos than Doritos. 

The release will arrive on shelves next month wearing a cost closer to caviar. The limited edition bottle of Empirical x Doritos Nacho Cheese Spirit is set to retail at $65 — nearly twice the average sum of super premium vodkas. However, the ability to show up at a Super Bowl party offering shots of Doritos is surely priceless.