Drake Is Being Blamed For Canada’s World Cup Loss To Belgium

They have to blame someone!

The team walked out to Drake’s ‘Started From The Bottom’ on Wednesday, but perhaps they may want to find a new song for Sunday!

It was a solid game, with Canada outshooting Belgium 21-9, but it ended up in a loss to Belgium 1-0.  The first Team Canada appearance since 1986 that ended in a defeat, fans have to blame someone.

Social media lit up soon after to blame the loss on the “Drake Cruse”

Pics flooded Twitter featuring Drake smiling with various players on Team Canada as proof the “Drake Curse” was to blame for the loss.


The “Drake Curse” emerged after an unscientific study determined that when Drake dons the jerseys of the teams he supports, they tend to lose.

“Alphonso Davies didn’t listen to the Gods,” one fan tweeted after the match. “Drake’s curse is real.”

ESPN noted that Canada was the first World Cup team since 1978 to attempt at least 20 shots and a penalty kick and not score a goal.

The Drake Curse isn’t exclusive to soccer, It’s any sport.

In 2019 when Drake showed up during Game 4 of the NHL playoffs between Toronto and the Boston Bruins in Maple Leaf’s gear and guess what? The Leafs lost 6-4.

Serena Williams lost the US Open in 2019-Drake Was There! The Golden State Warriors in 2016. (Golden State Warriors lost to Cleveland Cavaliers)

The list goes on. Here’s hoping he posts nothing to social media or doesn’t wear the jersey before or on Sunday…